Obtain An Emergency Food Voucher

Geelong Food Relief Operates Under A Voucher System

In order to obtain an Emergency Food Voucher that will be redeemable for food goods at the two Geelong Food Relief Mini Mart’s, you first need to contact one of our partners to make an appointment for a quick assessment.

If you require a Food Voucher’ please click on ‘Need Food Voucher‘, here you will be redirected to a page that explains the process in obtaining an Emergency Food voucher*.

*Can only be redeemed at Geelong Food Relief Mini-Marts

Need Food Voucher



You can redeem your GFRC Emergency Food Voucher/s at two of our mini marts strategically located here in Geelong.

If you are already in receipt of a food voucher please click on ‘Have A Food Voucher‘, here you will be redirected to a page which will explain how to redeem your Emergency Food voucher.

Have Food Voucher




Point System: – Geelong Mini Mart’s

Food vouchers are governed by a generous coloured point system designed to give all who redeem food vouchers at GFRC mini marts maximum value while redeeming their food voucher/s.

Click here for our Mini Mart Locations.

Where you can eat in Geelong:

For the current Feed Geelong guide, click here