GFRC Update


Smythe Street
The Operation Team from Energy Australia helped us set up our new Mini-Mart in Little Smythe Street, Geelong. 

On March 24th, our new mini-mart in Central Geelong opened its’ doors to customers. Conveniently located at 1 Little Smythe Street Geelong, the Mini-Mart operates in the same way as our existing North Geelong operation.

This new location is a suitable option for those clients who have previously found it difficult to travel to North Geelong to use the vouchers.

Half hour parking is available in Smythe Street. Westfield is only a short walk away, where parking is available for just $1 for the first hour. Public transport is also an option.

The Mini-Mart is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 3 pm. Our new vouchers can be used at either Mini Mart.



​Great value!
Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, we are able to boost the value of the client’s voucher to more than double the equivalent dollar value. i.e. a 20 point voucher can provide up to $50 worth of food.

Our point system encourages clients to choose fruit and vegetables, dairy and bread by making these the lowest point value. Plus we don’t stock cigarettes, alcohol, confectionary, lemonade or other “luxury” items.

In addition to the voucher, we provide two frozen Fareshare meals for each client.

We do supply a wide range of general groceries, hygiene products, cleaning products, frozen and dairy items. As well as a full range of fruit and vegetables.

Agencies are billed at the end of each month ONLY for the vouchers their clients have redeemed,  unlike gift cards from traditional supermarkets, where full payment is required at the time of purchase.  This ensures that any unused or lost vouchers are not paid for by the agency. We also supply the voucher number on the monthly invoice, allowing agencies to trace vouchers back to client records if required.

Our vouchers do not have a use-by date. Agencies are free to insert their own use by date at time of issue.

It’s simple for Agency staff to get vouchers. Just drop into our North Geelong Mini-Mart to collect as required. Vouchers are available in 20/30/40/50 point values.



New Additions
​Clients will soon have access to new clothing items as part of their voucher entitlement.  We regularly receive a large range of children’s, baby’s and adult’s wear and will begin to offer it in both mini-marts in the next week or so.

The clothing will be part of our “Green” point range, and will be limited according to the value of the voucher presented. i.e.. a client with a 20 point voucher will be entitled to two items of clothing.  We’re pleased to be able to increase the value to the client and the Agency and provide some well needed basics to those who need it the most. Once again we thank our regular suppliers who make this possible.



Community Saturdays
​The now regular “Community Saturday” event, continues to see around 90 families attending the Centre on the first Saturday of every month.

Rain, hail or shine, between 9.30am to 11.30am, volunteers distribute free fruit and vegetables, bread, dairy and eggs and other items as available to concession card holders.

Our team of volunteers work extremely hard to ensure the morning goes smoothly, and the faces of the people walking away with bags of nutritious,free food is a worthy reward.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the details of our next Community Saturday.



Our Current Manager, Rod Gurney, will be leaving at the end of June to pursue a more relaxing lifestyle.  Many of you will have dealt with Rod and may like to call it to see him before he goes. The volunteers and Board are all disappointed to see Rod leave but wish him well on his travels.

We will be appointing a new manager in the next few weeks and will keep agencies informed.

Welcome Salvos
​The Salvation Army Bellarine Street and Northside Branch are now major clients of the Geelong Food Relief Centre.  We are pleased to see their clients walking away very satisfied with the range and amount of food they have access to at both Mini-Marts.



Thanks to sponsorship from TAC and Gartland Real Estate, welfare officers at a number of local schools now have Geelong Food Relief Centre Food Vouchers to distribute to families in need.  These vouchers can provide much needed assistance in short term crisis situations.

Oberon South Primary School provide breakfast and lunch to all of their students on a daily basis.  Geelong Food Relief Centre is pleased to be able to provide enough frozen Fareshare meals to help feed the eighty students lunch two days a week.  We also provide sliced bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables when stocks allow.

Grovedale College and Bellarine Secondary College both access the Centre for food to support the Hand-On-Learning program operating at both Colleges. We are glad to be a small part in this program encouraging students to continue their education.



Bonus Bags
​Thanks to Cotton On for a donation of trendy canvas bags. Clients attending either Centre will be able to walk away with one of these until stocks run out.

Thanks Kiwanis
​Once again this generous community organisation has supported a “shopping” spree at SPC in Shepparton.  We are now stocked up with some of the basic items our clients regularly require.  A very practical way of making a difference.

If you would like more information on any of the items mentioned above, please feel free to contact us via

Geelong Food Relief Centre.

North Geelong – 8 Freedman Street, North Geelong, 3215.

Geelong – 1 Little Smythe Street, Geelong, 3220

Phone 5278 6588