Geelong Food Relief Centre runs several major appeals during the year.

  • Calendar Appeal – Geelong Businesses can have a collection box for 1 month for staff and customers to donate food.
  • Toucan Appeal – Geelong Schools have a collection box during August each year where the school community are encouraged to donate 2 cans per person.
  • Food For Fines – In December each year at Libraries across Geelong, members can donate food in place of paying overdue fees.

If you are involved in a business or organisation that would like to organise a food appeal, we can provide collection boxes, posters and brochures or a guest speaker.Please contact the Centre for more information.

We will always accept donations of Cereal, Crakers, Cake Mix, Powered Milk, Pasta & Sauce Side Dishes, Flour, Sugar, Foil, Clingwrap, Kitchen Tidy Bags, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes etc that our not out of date to both our Geelong and North Geelong Mini-Marts.