Our Mission:

The Geelong Food Relief Centre Inc. is committed to providing the delivery of food aid services to disadvantaged members of the community throughout the Geelong region in a dignified and compassionate manner.


Our Services

We continue to provide grocery supplies through the use of two mini-marts located in Geelong CBD and North Geelong to individuals and families who are facing financial hardship. We also have a bulk distribution service present in North Geelong, which allows the GFRC to provide bulk foods to micro agencies and schools that are present within the G21 region which includes Greater Geelong Region, Bellarine, Surf Coast and Winchelsea in order to meet the demand of families in crisis. GFRC also work in conjunction with welfare officers at schools located within the G21 region to help school families that are facing crisis by providing them with Emergency Food.


How Does It Work?

Firstly, clients undergo a quick assessment by participating agencies such as The Salvation Army to see whether or not they qualify for an Emergency Food voucher. If clients do qualify for a food voucher, they will be given either a voucher for an amount of points (20, 30, 40, 50 etc). The voucher can then be redeemed at any of the 2 mini-marts in the Geelong area.

At mini-marts, clients are able to make their own selection from a range of different types of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, frozen food, meat, personal hygiene supplies & other basic toiletry needs. The mini-marts also provide a range of (no charge) items for clients to supplement the value of the voucher.

Note that the vouchers can ONLY be redeemed at the Geelong Food Relief Mini-Marts. Click here for locations.

Click here for the Chairman’s report.