How do we find the Geelong Food Relief Centre?

37-41 Morgan St, North Geelong 3215
Phone: (03)5278 6588
Open 10am – 3pm. Monday to Friday.


1 Little Smythe Street, Geelong 3220
Phone: 0429 891 465
Open 10am – 3pm. Monday to Friday.


Is there parking available?

Yes we offer convenient parking at both locations with disability access. 


What is a Food Voucher?

A food voucher is a small printed piece of paper, that entitles the holder to food worth either 20 or 40 points from a food relief centre. 

Below is an image of what a food voucher from the Geelong Food Relief Centre might look like: 

Food voucher


How do I go about obtaining a food voucher?

Need Food Voucher